SC Series Shock Absorber

  • Non-adjustable, Self-compensation type
  • Each type have 3 models of different impact speed
  • Surface treatment: Nickel plated or Black anodized

Ordering Code

sc code

Model no.

With Cap
Without Cap
SC 0806-1-NC
SC 0806-2 SC 0806-2-NC
SC 0806-3 SC 0806-3-NC
SC 1005-1 SC 1005-1-NC
SC 1005-2 SC 1005-2-NC
SC 1005-3 SC 1005-3-NC
SC 1008-1 SC 1008-1-NC
 SC 1008-2  SC 1008-2-NC
SC 1008-3 SC 1008-3-NC
SC 1210-1  SC 1210-1-NC
SC 1210-2 SC 1210-2-NC
SC 1210-3 SC 1210-3-NC
SC 1412-1 SC 1412-1-NC
SC 1412-2  SC 1412-2-NC
SC 1412-3 SC 1412-3-NC
SC 1412BS-1 SC 1412BS-1-NC
SC 1412BS-2 SC 1412BS-2-NC
SC 1412BS-3 SC 1412BS-3-NC
SC 1415-1 SC 1415-1-NC
SC 1415-2 SC 1415-2-NC
SC 1415-3 SC 1415-3-NC
SC 1425-1 SC 1425-1-NC
SC 1425-2 SC 1425-2-NC
SC 1425-3 SC 1425-3-NC
With Cap
Without Cap
SC 2020-1-NC
SC 2020-2 SC 2020-2-NC
SC 2020-3 SC 2020-3-NC
SC 2030-1 SC 2030-1-NC
SC 2030-2 SC 2030-2-NC
SC 2030-3 SC 2030-3-NC
SC 2030-2SO SC 2030-2SO-NC
SC 2050-1 SC 2050-1-NC
SC 2050-2 SC 2050-2-NC
SC 2050-3 SC 2050-3-NC
SC 2050-11A SC 2050-11A-NC
SC 2050-12A SC 2050-12A-NC
SC 2050-13A SC 2050-13A-NC
SC 2525-1-NC
 SC 2525-2-NC
 SC 2525-3-NC
 SC 2540-1-NC
SC 2540-2-NC
SC 2540-3 SC 2540-3-NC
SC 2550-1 SC 2550-1-NC
SC 2550-2 SC 2550-2-NC
SC 2550-3 SC 2550-3-NC
SC 2580-1 SC 2580-1-NC
SC 2580-2 SC 2580-2-NC
SC 2580-3 SC 2580-3-NC
SC 2725-1 SC 2725-1-NC
SC 2725-2 SC 2725-2-NC
SC 2725-3 SC 2725-3-NC
SC 3660-1 SC 3660-1-NC
SC 3660-2 SC 3660-2-NC
SC 3660-3 SC 3660-3-NC