Other Products

  • Compact Solenoid-Operated Directional Control Valve

    Compact Solenoid-Operated Directional Control Valve

    Its compact size and reduced weight make a contribution to the downsizing of the entire machine. The wire-saving type (using an M12 4-pin connector) can significantly reduce wiring operation time. Its protective structure grade IP67 makes it possible to use this unit in a location where it is exposed to coolant or washing fluid.

  • Super Hytegra Series

    Super Hytegra Series

    Would you believe this is a hydraulic valve in this size and in this design? Here comes super Hytegra D series, new generation of a hydraulic valve with higher performance than our conventional valves, packed in a compact body looking like a pneumatic valve.

  • Solenoid-Operated Directional Control Valve

    Solenoid-Operated Directional Control Valve

    Our wide variety of energy-saving units, which quest after energy saving and improvement in reliability and are compatible with CE and device networks (communication), can deal with diverse needs.



    A new variation of energy-saving unit (10-L type) was added.
    The energy-saving hydraulic power unit TOYOPAC “ECO” helps you save both resources and power consumption with the aid of a more efficient vane pump. All models are compatible with CE.



    This hydraulic system is designed to reciprocate the cylinder by running the bidirectional rotary pump in the forward and reverse directions with the aid of a servomotor. It ensures the advanced speed, position, and pressure control of the hydraulic cylinder through pump control by taking advantage of the characteristics of the servomotor (high response, forward and reverse rotations, high-speed rotation, etc.).

  • High-Performance Straightening Machine

    High-Performance Straightening Machine

    The straightening machine corrects the distortion of workpieces attributable to forming, quenching, etc. Because of its complexity, straightening relied on skilled engineers’ intuition or knack, took a lot of time to complete, and entailed many other problems.
    This high-performance straightening machine was developed with the aim of resolving these problems and makes a great contribution to the improvement of correction capability and energy and space saving.

  • Gear Set for Automatic Transmissions

    Gear Set for Automatic Transmissions

    Toyooki Kogyo’s gear sets are mounted on many automobiles domestic and overseas as hydraulic pumps for automatic transmissions. The constant adoption of our gear sets in the fiercely competitive automobile industry proves how high our technology is. Compact but powerful, our gear sets make a contribution to the reliability of automobiles that carry the lives of people.
    *Photo of automatic transmission provided by AISIN AW Co., Ltd.

  • Hydraulic Unit for Home Elevator

    Hydraulic Unit for Home Elevator

    Toyooki Kogyo also manufactures hydraulic power units for home elevators. Compared with rope types (suspending the cage), hydraulic power units require less space and move very smoothly. Widely adopted for equipment carrying people, our hydraulic power units offer proven safety.
    Toyooki’s products would be deeply involved in your daily life.