HY-TEGRA Systems

Hytegra system, which stands for hydraulic integration, comprises basically of solenoid operated valve atop and various kinds of spacer type valves vertically or horizontally stacked on a manifold and constructs a unit hydraulic circuit.


  1. A hydraulic device can be made only by mounting a solenoid operated valve and a stack valve on a manifold
  2. Valves are mounted to the manifold with bolts, resulting in rearranging the circuit with ease
  3. Since the circuit is made simply, no internal piping is necessary
    External piping is neatly done from the cylinder port for the manifold provided for back piping and side piping.
  4. It’s stacking construction (max 5 tiers) needs no piping and occupies a small space so that the system can be compactly designed.
  5. Oil leakage is eliminated. Valve replacement is easy

Main Type: HT3H · HR3H · HG3H · HG1H · HQ3H · HB3H · HRB3H · HK3H · HF3H · HW3H · HKF3H · HFG3H · HKG3H · HGF3H · HGR2M · HK2M · HLD3H · HFK2H · HGD2H · HMC · HMD