Spatter-resistant Cap for Z-JOINT Series

Solves releasing anxiety of spatter-resistant cap

  • There is no uneasiness of separation of the cap because of being kept between the protective sheathing stop of the spatter-resistant tube and the releasing sleeve of the connector.

Preeminent flame-retardant performance and heat-resistance performance

  • Oxygen index : 42 UL94 V0
  • Achievement of flame-retardant performance that is nearly non flammable in the normal atmosphere.
  • Excellent heat-resistance and spatter resistance.

Outstanding environmental characteristics

  • Because of achievement of superior flame-retardant performance with non-halogen & non-phosphorus material, no harmful gas is generated by spatters attack


  • Non-halogen, non-phosphorus, flame-retardant compound

Assembled structure diagram


Designation and Performance Table